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Welcome To Alamara Gugai Ashramam Trust

Thiruvannamalai is a land of enlightenment. This mysterious land has driven Arunagirinathar, virupatshi Thevar, Edaikaatar, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and made them enlighten. The place turned many lethargic and luxurious people to lead a simple as well as satisfactory life.  Sundhararaman Swamigal lives in a Banyan cave found in 6th Pekopura Street on the way to Girivalam road.

Few months later, he planted a banyan sapling in the entrance of the cave. The sapling started to grows as with Swamiji started to explore his inner world deeper and deeper. The sapling has grown a tall and magnificent tree. Swamiji in front of his followers announced that since forth the Cave will be known as Banyan Tree Cave. It is the first ashram in the way towards mountain.

Another beauty of this cave is Guru Paparamdas Swamigal of Kachankadu Anadha Ashram, Kerala, has stayed her and seen the manifestation of God. Likewise there are many Sadhus and Swamijis stay and meditated in this Cave.

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Alamara Gugai Ashramam & Trust,
No:18-A, peygopuram 6th Street,
Arunachala Mountain,
Thiruvannamalai - 606 601.
Tamil Nadu, South India
Phone : 04175- 222135
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